Xbit Airdrop

Step 1 - Register

This airdrop system gives a bonus of 10 dollars to users who receive an email from the exchanges that have listed Xbit Coin. The users then need to use the link in the email to register in the casino.

Xbit Coin is a cryptocurrency that has been developed as part of the Xbit project specifically for the online gaming industry. Another important aspect of the Xbit project is the financial establishment and gaming platform; i.e. Xbit Gaming Platform.

Xbit Gaming Platform
Xbit Gaming Platform offers thousands of games to enable users to play and gamble responsibly and professionally.

The stages of receiving the bonus:

  1. After receiving the email containing the registration link, users should go to Xbit Gaming Platform website.
  2. At least ONE social media of Xbit Gaming Platform should be followed:
  3. In twitter, one of the posts of Xbit Gaming Platform should be retweeted and in the retweet the following hashtag must be used: #Xbitcoin. Also, at the end of the retweet, you should copy your wallet address for the Xbit bonus.
  4. The necessary info should be submitted as part of step 2

Step 2 - Submit Request

In case the user has used the email from the exchange in order to register in Xbit Gaming Platform, then in order to receive the bonus the following form should be filled in:

the email you used to register in Xbit Gaming Platform

this code has been included in the invitation email

If you haven't received your bonus one week after submitting your request, you can submit a follow-up request.